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It's True!!!

2008-10-29 00:46:40 by Ionath

B is the answer to everything.

a new day and a new post

2008-10-28 18:45:20 by Ionath

i may as well make another post since the last one was probably not read and also because it was yesterday. so, there's is not6her to put on this post, so i may as well just take up room. I may as well just write any random thing. ummmmm... yay =D


2008-10-28 00:58:13 by Ionath

finally lv 3 after 2 days of voting! hardcore!


2008-10-27 20:30:39 by Ionath

I just started this account yesterday. I made it mainly for rating/reviewing and uploading crappy techno. I honestly don't know why I'm writing this post either. So, i may as well stop.